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Call Us for A Spring Startup Service

Getting your sprinkler system ready for the summer is essential for all garden and landscape enthusiasts. We’ll review your irrigation heads and pipes, and the watering schedule. Our goal is to get the water flowing and complete any repairs from winter damage. You will know water is flowing throughout the designed pattern, and not blocked.  Timing for this work can vary, depending on the size and condition of your system, and the number of sprinkler heads you have. Our spring services start after thaw, when the ground is no longer frozen, otherwise, your water lines could freeze. De-winterization begins by a check of outdoor irrigation control basins, where dirt or debris may need to be cleaned out, and current settings in the timer. Sprinkler nozzles need to be checked to ensure the system waters evenly. Once the main water valve is turned on, we heck to see that all surfaces are being watered in each zone.

We Also Do Mid-Season Maintenance Checks

It is important to keep your system running effectively when it’s needed the most. Efficient irrigation systems must run smoothly throughout our hot, dry late spring and summer seasons for crop and garden success. Do you see brown areas? Gardens that aren’t getting water? Broken sprinkler heads? Call us to arrange an onsite checkup of your irrigation system and we’ll troubleshoot and speak with you about any repairs.

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Drain Your System – Call For A Winter Shutdown Service

Our winterizing service protects your irrigation system from frost damage. This involves shutting off the water flow, and removing all standing water from the pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads with an air compressor. If water is left in the system, pipes can crack when the water freezes and expands.


Why use drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a great way to control a very precious resource – water. Drip irrigation systems save water by delivering a slow drip to plants. Pipes can be installed above surface or buried to target root zones and minimize evaporation. Also, direct hose watering can wash away soil and nutrients and expose roots to pests, sun damage and disease. Drip irrigation is trending as part of our solution to water conservation.

I’m thinking of putting in a small vineyard and orchard. What type of irrigation would be best to install?

Your choice for irrigation will match your budget and crop considerations. A customized irrigation system favours optimum crop yields. when combined with proper pruning techniques, seasonal temperatures and sunshine. We will consider the physical characteristics of your soil, land slope, and possible frost hazards. After our assessment, we can advise on the most appropriate irrigation system for good water management. Irrigation methods include surface, micro sprinkler and drip technology, designed with the capacity to deliver the right amount of water during each seasonal cycle to meet crop requirements. The irrigation system you choose should be managed to apply uniform amounts of water for basic soil intake rates or crop success.

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